Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Week 21 Family affair

My body:
• Finally figured out the pain on my right side of my back, running right down my hip and leg. It is called sciatica, since it affects the sciatic nerve, causing lower back, buttock, and leg pain. It is another of the occupational hazards of expectant mothers.
• Linea nigra (dark line along my tummy) is growing darker – also find freckles around my breasts :D and pigmentation on my skin on certain parts of body.

My baby:
Baby is doing a lot of Haka nowadays now that I have recognised his movements. He gets restless in the evening when I try to get some sleeps, but he's been doing a lot of kicking and punching and kicking and punching! I made Scott put his hand on my bump for nights but he didn’t feel anything. One night we decided to see if we can notice it. And sure enough, a few seconds later something poking out of my tummy for a split second! How exciting!

Weekend with the family
I flew to Sydney on Saturday morning to meet up with mum & dad, my sister and her whole family who are visiting Australia.

It was fun - and at the same time, very tiring to look after 6 people (plus my brother who lives there). Took three times as long to get everyone out of the door or to the door of our destination. As I complaint to my sister about her two young children and how hard it was to organise them, she rolled her eyes at me and said, "you'll see".
Just two days had been enough to make me nervous and realised how hard it would be - I could disagree on some things that she'd done, but of course I might end up doing the same or even worse. I mean, there is not exact science on how to raise kids and from what I can see, it's not exactly a playground where you'd have fun all the time either!

Rianti also filled me in how how to raise dogs - it's her baby at the moment, so we had a funny conversations where we talked about different topics (me on raising kids, and her on dogs) but we carried on as if we were talking about the same thing.You can almost apply what she said about dogs to kids. Dogs are even better in some forms - to start with, they never poo or pee in their own territories, unlike children and their nappies.

I fell in love with my little nephew Joey though. He talks alot now, and smiles all the time (except when he cries and screams like a king), he ran around chasing after pigeons, got very excited in the zoo with all the bears, kangaroos and chimps, and really really liked his public transportation (just a promise of taking him on a bus or train calmed him down!)
Scott said don’t worry I’ll get my own soon.

They were here in Melbourne for 4 nights after their trip to Gold coast. Was so busy taking them around – mainly city (shopping!), little sight seeing to St Kilda, Crown casino, Southbank, Phillips Island (little penguins), and more shopping!

We have started thinking about names – but if you think it’d be easier now we know that it’s a boy (yup, it’s a boy!) you are soo wrong!! Boy’s names are not as easy as girl’s names, most of them are boring or too common, and we never agree on anything.
It reminds me of an episode in Friends where Ross and Rachel could veto other’s suggestion five times and they veto-ed everything that the other suggested that Phoebe said, “Is it just me or Veto started sound like a good name?”
It has actually been going on like a ping pong ball lately when we talked about baby names. He could pop out a name in the middle of the night or when we were watching TV, and I would say “no” and vice versa. Sharon has also been trying to contribute on some suggestions, some are good, but some are hilarious – Ashley is a good name, but not Ashley Bradley or Lee Bradley.
Mum also blurts out some hilarious names since I told her I want an Indonesian name for his middle name – “Baskoro”, “Bambang” (after our president!) and all other old men’s names. I said might as well name him Gatotkaca or Gajahmada if that’s the case!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Week 20 - Let the game begun

My body:
* We are half way done! Wow! Although from now on tummy will only get bigger and even bigger every day. At these stage (second and third trimester), all the important organs have been developed and baby is mainly growing in size. Which explains a lot why I grew so fast within these past 4 weeks. I started to look pregnant - which I love - except when I feel like I haven't got anything to wear (anymore).
* Heartburn, indigestion, flatulence and bloating come and go as they are pleased. I got hiccups easily after big meal. The growing baby is causing my internal organs to press against my lungs but I have not felt out or short of breath yet.
* Can't get too far from the loo. I need to go approximately every half hour - baby must be pushing my bladder. No matter how much I drink I still have to keep going.
* Backaches - my main complaint nowadays. Apparently the backache is caused by the usually stable joints of the pelvis begin to loosen up to allow easier pasage for the baby at delivery. This, along with the the oversized abdomen, throws the body off balance and to compensate, we tend to bring our shoulders back and arch our neck. It deeply curves lower back, strains back muscles and causes pain.

My baby:
is now about 5.6 to 6.4 inches crown to rump (about 10 inches head to heel) and weighs approximately 9 ounces. He/she is now practicing breathing and swallowing on a regular basis.
His skin is becoming more complex at the end of pregnancy week 20, forming different layers. The epidermis, or surface of his skin now has four layers that contain ridges for fingertips. The layers that form in his palms and feet will provide him with his own unique fingerprint later in life.

About a boy - or a girl?
Tuesday morning we went to get our second ultrasound. This is normally done around the twentieth week and are used to determine the size and position of the fetus, checking anatomy and thorougly examination on the baby. They can uncover any structural abnormalities of bones and organs that are visible by this time.

The most beautiful amazing creature is living in my tummy. It kept moving its hands and feet, but stubbornly not moving its position to make it easier for the sonographer to see the internal organs. All the time its back was against my tummy so the spines was on the way. (Stubborness took after its mummy, possibly).Took awhile to check every organs, but my little one is fine and healthy.

The sonograph asked if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby and we said, "Yes definitely" and the second she said that, I knew what we are going to have.

It is the most amazing experience - even though it was a fifty fifty chance, but when we found out, it's undescribable feeling rushing through my heart (and brain). It was like playing Russian roulette, you know it'd be either red or black but you still wouldn't know which one you'd place the bet on.
It is not a secret but some people prefers not to know our baby's sex - Janelle refused to know while some other (won't name names) probably think the sonographer might as well was wrong, because their guess was wrong.

Now we know the sex of baby, it just became more real. So many things that needed to be think about from now on, the name of the baby to start with. We started throwing names to each other, just to cringe to the other's ideas. Long way to go before we really have to name the baby but I don't think this will be an easy objective to achieve between Scott and I.

Friday 20th October, 2pm.

The second wow of the week: I think bubsie just kicked me!!! Very soft movement in my tummy, it felt more like he had a tiny hiccups in my tummy or maybe a very soft pinch more than anything.
Am sure there will be more coming from now on!

First appointment with the Obstetrician this afternoon. Went very fast (and cost a lot too!). He is not particularly nice or nasty, just very efficient and straight to the point. At least we know he's good, he delivered one of the GP's children (who referred us to him), so we really couldn't get better reference.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

week 19 - Pregnant belly

My body:
* my pregnant belly is really showing. I grow rapidly - faster than a baby hamster. Scott went to Sydney for 3 days and when he came back he reckoned I was bigger than last time he saw me.
* Exercise - or just walk for half hour everyday really makes a difference to my posture. If I didn't do it, my back starts to ache and feels very uncomfortable.
* Strectching of the ligaments and little twitches in my tummy carrying on - suspicious that some of the movements were probably baby's but too insensitive to recognise :P.

My baby:
weighs approximately 7 ounces and is about 5.2 to 6 inches from crown to rump. The exterior layers of skin tissue are developing to form her one-of-a-kind fingerprints. The amniotic fluid that surrounds her allows for the free movement of the arms and legs and is also sometimes swallowed to practice digestion.
Her hearing is developing, and she'll be getting used to the sound of your voice. She will also feel your touch when you massage your abdomen. Little peanut now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and has started to exercise her lungs and practice her breathing techniques.Tiny teeth are also forming in her gums.

She will begin to recognise my voice and may respond to loud noises or music by making jerky movements possibly showing that whatever she is hearing is too loud and frightening.

Sharon took me to see the wedding band viewing. They were playing in the little studio, and the music was blasting from the big speakers around us. I told Sharon my poor bubsie might be frightened and Sharon said it might be triggering her to kick for the first time. Couldn't feel anything :D - maybe she'll grow up to be a rockstar.

The hospital that we have chosen is called Masada - it is not our first priority but the other one was booked out for March delivery. Eeeks...Australia is really short of hospitals and maternity wards and as a consequence if you gave birth in a public hospital they might put you in a room with 5 other mothers (and their babies!). We drove through the hospital in the weekend and it look like a small nice private hospital, so quite happy with it.

So hot today I was like a dog with my tongue hanging from my mouth. Is it just because I am pregnant that it made me more exhausted, I don't really know. Good timing, Linda. By the time summer is here, I will be big and fat, and roasting!!!!
*It will still be a good reason to be roasting though!*

We are still living off the suitcase, except most of my outfits has been outgrown. Hopefully we get our airfreight boxes in a few days (although I doubt that there will be anything that still fits me!).
We spent the weekend looking for houses to rent again, and also looking for a car. We stll haven't had any luck yet - hopefully next weekend.
Mum & Dad and my sister's family are coming over the week after next and stay here for 4 days so the apartment is going to be (more than) a full house!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 18 – Sleepless in Melbourne

My body:
• The waist keeps expanding but I guess there is no going back from now. As Warren puts it: “Guess what, it is only going to get bigger!” I am looking forward to the day when I will look well and truly pregnant as opposed to a person who has problem with her belly I am now.
• I started to feel tired easily. Very easily. Fortunately my daily schedule is no longer busy anymore – am getting used to easy and relaxing life in Melbourne.
• I must be a freak – I have been having weird and bizarre dreams almost everynight. Once I was a spy, the other time I happened to be at a murder scene, and yesterday I was eating snake meat (and hated it) – I have been looking forward about what I would dream about every night though. Fortunately I haven’t dreamt about eating my baby (which some people did, apparently)

My baby:
is twice as big as he was last month, but he still weighs only about 225 grams. Although things may seem calm on the surface, he is kicking, flexing, reaching, rolling, and even sucking his thumb now. His hearing is now functioning and he will be listening to my heartbeat (How amazing!)

New life again!
It just dawned to me when we arrived at the airport that we are not just here for holiday, we are here to stay!
We are staying in the city for a while until we find a permanent place to stay. It’s a gorgeous 2 bedroom apartment, very spacious and very nice and it’s right in the middle of the city. We rented this two bedroom apartment because my sister said she was going to come with mum and dad but up until now – two weeks before the scheduled trip, nothing had been finalized. Typical. (The apartment is so beautiful that I almost wanted all six of them to come just to show off! The only thing we hated is the agent but it’s a long story.)

Sharon kept me busy with the wedding planning. I went with her to choose her wedding dress, finding the right invitation, etc etc. So exciting that I want to get married again (with my hubby of course!)

On Friday we went to see a GP who was recommended by Sharon and Warren. He patiently explained about the maternity system in Australia and referred us to the ultrasound place for our anatomy scan. Ade had warned me about waiting list in public health service but even with the private one, we had to wait until early November to get appointment! After a few phone calls, I managed to get ourselves a spot for the week after next. Doctor also said we need to decide which hospital we want to go to – and we have to do it quick since it’s already week 19 and people usually went to the obgyn the first time when they were between 8-9 weeks. The problem is of course, we don’t know yet where we want to live let alone choosing the hospital. Also, this hospital will need to be covered by our private insurance and we haven’t made up our mind on which insurance to join. I couldn’t really do research at home because the bloody real estate agent who was supposed to organized our internet connection here (should have been done last week) doesn’t have enough work ethic even to return our calls, and Scott has been so busy at work to do it. It is quite frustrating.