Thursday, July 27, 2006

Week 7 - Where did they go?

I got up this morning feeling fine - Too fine in fact. My boobsies stopped growing overnight, I didnt feel sick when I woke up this morning. I am so worried. As the day passed I gradually felt a bit sicker but I am still not convinced.

I am having trouble finding the maternity carer as well. Turned out in New Zealand only the appointed Leading Maternity Carers can look after the pregnancy. It can be a midwife, a GP or an obstetrician. If it's midwife or a GP then all of your expenses are free. But turned out that many GPs are not providing maternity care anymore, and there are only so many of midwives that they are overbooked too. Many of the obstetricians offer fixed price to look after the pregnancy from the antenatal to the postnatal care, including birth. But the problem is, we don't know where we are going to be for the birth. Yet.

I rang a medical centre yesterday only to talk to an idiot who didn't have any clue about what's going on.

This is how it went:
Me: "I am looking for a lady doctor to look after my pregnancy."
Him: "Oh, we're pretty busy at the moment. You just want to have a pregnancy test, do you? Any nurse can do it, I can recommend you to go to the Accident and Emergency Clinic down the road."
Me: "Sorry, you misunderstood. I know I am pregnant. I have had a test. I need someone to look after my pregnancy, I don't need any test"
Him: "Oh i see. I'll have to check with the doctor if any of them can give you an appointment. So you just want the doctor to check the baby, don't you? Or do you need consultation yourself?"
Me: "Hang on. I am confused, I think you're confused. There isn't any baby yet. I am pregnant. I need consultation, not the baby"


Ergo the quest for the doctor continues...(he actually said he was going to ring me back but it's already 24 hours and I haven't heard from him.)

PS. Suddenly everyone talks about baby and our plan about having one - and I had to keep my mouth shut. We're not telling anyone at least until I see a proper doctor.

19 July (wed) Gita had a baby yesterday but when I asked for details she asked me if I was sure I wanted to know the details. It'd put you off, she said. I said, of course I need details. It's part of the considerations".

Week 6 - Symptom anyone?

"How about Steve?"
"or Shirley if it's a girl"

It was passed midnight, and I was half asleep already but he made me giggle.

"I haven't heard anyone called their children Steve or Shirley lately."

It's only our week 6 and he already is thinking about names?

Well, I haven't even got any symptoms at all. It's either I am not pregnant at all or I wasn't pregnant anymore.
I am not complaining about not having the morning sickness and the tiredness but I am worried, you know. How come I don't feel tired when my body, that when it's resting supposedly works harder than a non-pregnant person doing mountain climb?(aparently during the early weeks of pregnancy, the body is working hard - pumping out hormones and producing more blood to carry nutrients to the baby)

Now, it's normal to be worried. Everyone is worried when they are pregnant, especially when it is your first one. You just want everything to go well. But honestly, I am sure there isn't other mother-to-be as neurotic as me - given I am neurotic by nature, even before I got pregnant. I am worried about practically everything!

And what about food? I don't think us pregnant people are allowed to eat anything, Like today I just found out that green tea is actually not good for the cell growth - when I have stopped drinking normal tea and start drinking green tea because I thought it would be healthier. And breakfast? I don't normally have breakfast in the morning but since I found out I was pregnant I started to eat muesli and yoghurt (you know, good combination of protein and calcium) and found out that there were track of nuts in the muesli, which is should be avoided so baby don't get peanut allergy.

We went to the bookshop in the weekend to get the book "What to expect when you're expecting" and as Scott lined up at the cashier, a man behind him said to him: "I think the answer (to what to expect when you are expecting) is TROUBLE". And as it was not enough, he launched a speech about no baby was perfect, asking if this would be Scott's first, and that he didn't know what he's getting himself into (eeer..... just leave us alone, will you!)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Week 5 - the thin pink line

We're pregnant.

I knew it even before we took the test, before the second think pink line appeared in the result window. I knew it even a week ago, before my period was late, when we were back home for holiday, when my family and friends (and nosy people) were asking us about when we were going to have baby. Even at Rianti's wedding when Sally my best friend remind me that I told her that I might be pregnant for the wedding.

(We've been married for 3 years, you see. So people have been wondering which one of us was barren. The thing is, even when we decided to start trying for a baby 3 months ago, I was not even convinced that we're ready. Scott also thought we should wait a few more months. I had so much stress at work and I hated my job so bad so I thought this is the time to change priority and we should try for a baby . Whereas Scott wanted me to be happy first before we start a family and he didn't want me to use this excitement to have baby as a way out from my (work) misery - so there were nights at the beginning when we had a fight because I refused to take my pills, and Scott insisted that I had to.)

This week has been full-on, big week. Not only I came home from holiday on my own 2 nights ago (Scott were staying in Australia for a couple of more days to work), only to find out that the house has been burglared (!!!Bloody Maoris, apologies for being racist but the police reckoned that who did it!!!), but my pregnancy was also confirmed.

As I took the test in the morning after the burglary, the second pink line didn't even look shy when it appeared. Brave and strong. I wasn't even surprised. It's good to be confirmed though. I took the result to Scott, who was still half asleep in bed and asked if he was awake.
I handed my result to him.

At night before I went to bed, I felt strangely attached to the person that has only been confirmed a few hours prior - and wondering how it is possible.