Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Week 9 - Breaking the news to friends

Did I really complain the other day that I didn't feel pregnant enough?

Well, that was a lie!!! I have almost had enough of all the symptoms.

This is a little insight on how you feel when you're pregnant: Everything smells horrible.

When everything smells, you can't really eat but you know if you don't eat then you'll feel sick. Very sick. Then you start eating every hour even though you don't want to and you are not very sure if that actually helps you in anything - except putting on weight.

Another thing is.. I can't stand my husband. Suddenly he is using wrong soap, wearing wrong perfume. He just doesn't smell right (had to go to supermarket and get him a new soap bar)

Wednesday was my birthday and I thought it would be a good time to break the news to my closest friends. Course, no one is actually live in the same city as me so I had to break the news via email! Their responses were all different but it took them by surprise. Rianti forgot to tell me happy birthday (overshadowed by unborn baby already!!) and Sharon still couldn't get over it. When last time I saw them 2 months ago, I had technically been pregnant even though we didn't know that (I had my suspicions though).

The week is getting even crazier. I had one good interview and I think I am very close to getting a job. They want me to come back for second interview - which mainly is going to see how my presentation is, since the client is in Australia and these people think I have a bit of accent which worries them (Dooh!!).

But then Scott told me he got a job promotion and we'll be moving to Melbourne in October!!

Eveything definitely falls into places. I started to feel that everything is meant to be - from me quiting the job before the holiday, then came home finding the place burglared (that made us think that we're almost ready to go home), then finding out we're pregnant (and we always want to have baby in Australia) then he got this job!!! It's all too exciting!

Bloody hell, the only thing I am not looking forward is telling my agent that I will need to pull out from the job market. She's been very active in finding me interviews, and I turned her down once last year and she wasn't happy. I am sure she wouldn't be very happy either now that I am very close in finding something. Aargh, not to mention that she must be the most vicious lady in the recruitment industry.

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