Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week 38 - Watermelon

2 weeks until Friday 9th March 2007

My body:

*Sleeping is a bit of problem with finding a comfortable position to lay down. Even though the best position is to lay on your side (Laying on your tummy is obviously impossible, as you'd feel as if you are laying on a big watermelon and laying on your back is not good either as baby is pushing all of your organs and suppresses the oxygen flow), it still isn't comfortable with the weight that falls down from your side.

My baby:
weighs about 3kg (3000grams) and measures around 50cm in length. He is not likely to grow in length too much more but will still continue to put on some weight (which in turn resulting in my watermelon tummy).
The fine hair that has covered his body, lanugo, has now almost disappeared although some remaining on his shoulders and ears after his birth.

Not sure if baby is engaged yet, but Doctor said he's head is in position, 3 fingers up the pelvic. He can go lower into the pelvic or stay there until the labour, but we would not be able to tell. So that's pretty much saying that the baby is ready anyway.

We went to Anglesea, one of the towns along the Great Ocean Road, 2 hours from Melbourne. Sharon & Warren had been staying at Warren's parents holiday unit (they were there for 4 nights) and we drove there after Scott finished work on Friday and stayed for one night. It is a self contained unit with gum trees and kangaroos hopping around in the back yard (lots of roos poos as well). We just decided to go the night before - last chances before baby's born and all... The boys spent a lot of time fishing (apparently Warren's bible at this time is "Fishing for Dummies") - Sharon caught a fish and Warren caught a crab, while Scott specialised on seaweeds.

I wasn't worried about the possibility of having baby in the weekend, but I guess others were a bit freaked out.
Sharon: "Linda and I were talking about what if she is having labour this weekend. She's like a ticking time bomb."
Me: "Well, getting contractions wouldn't worry me we just need to drive back to Melbourne (about 2 hours drive) but I didn't think about what would happen if my water broke."
Warren: "I did!"

On Sunday we picked up changing table from Ade's place - another loan. It's perfect, except that now the nursery is so full and there isn't really enough room for everything. Despite a little cold feet I am feeling, I am actually feeling pretty excited to welcome a new Bradley into the world!

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