Sunday, April 08, 2007

First time mummy

After the initial shock of being a mother, I realised the hardest part of the motherhood is that we are no longer a couple, we are a family now. You can't just do things impulsively, can't go out just whenever you want to (organising bub to go out turned out to be a very hard work and takes a long time), can't go out too long (need to coincide with bub's feeding time), and your spouse it no longer the only most important person in your life.

It is not all fun but it's wonderful journey (I thought newborn only wakes up to eat and poo and spend the rest of the day sleeping - little did I expect that they are capable of driving mummy crazy with their high pitch cries). I am enjoying the motherhood although it is still feel surreal - it has been 4 weeks but it still hasn't sunk in yet for both Scott and I.

New first things for the first time mummy (moi):

* First nappy change
Eeks.. what is that yellow gooey thing in his nappy? How do you clean him? It is funny how two educated people actually get clueless in these things and need to get someone else (the midwife) to show you how to clean his botbot and change his nappy. Fortunately the blackish sticky poo didn't last for very long (well on the serious side, it's called meconium which is the first baby's poo and they only last for 3 days) Eventually you get used to the smell and the colour and the frequencies (how could a tiny thing dispose that much stuff it's a mistery to me!)

*First poo and wee (on me!)
We bond together looking after bub. It might sound cliche, but looking at Scott talking to Oliver always gives me a warm feeling because we share our love. We share experience and responsibilities like a team when we look after him, bath him, feed him, put him to bed, even play with him. It is just amazing.
And I never thought that I would put up with someone peeing and weeing on me.
*First excursion (with baby)
First baby excursion was to the baby shop to get his first stroller. And I just could not believe so much preparation needs to be done just to go to the shop which almost practically around the corner. Everything is about timing - we rushed out the house just after he finished his breakfast (didnt' even give him time to burp yet) and I kept looking into his little capsule to see if he's awake when it was time for his next feed. In the second excursion to Ikea a week later, we actually got trapped in the traffic and I was so nervous and cranky because I just want to get home before he screamed and I couldn't stop blaming Scott for choosing that route home.

*First excursion (without baby)
.. is as nerveracking as going out with the baby. Grandma was home to look after him when Scott and I went out for Sharon's prewedding barbecue. The minute we left home I felt strong urge to call home straight away. I gave it half an hour, because my hubby said I HAD to. Rang mum after half hour and about 1.5 hours after we left home. "Has he eaten yet? Is he asleep? Is he being fussy?" and mum went, "YES... (now leave me alone).." Well she didn't actually say that but I read between the lines.

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My third nephew is the cutest thing. Loving him already, really wish I was down south right now