Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things I love being a mother

It might be too soon to find out all the good things about motherhood, but these are the things I found out already - things I love being a mother:

* His first, second, and third smiles... and more

* Feeling a tiny fist curl around your finger when you touch his palm

* Putting the sole of his feet on your cheeks, and see him rewarding you with a smile

* The smell of his hair, the softness of his cheeks, and the warmth of his skin

* Watching him sleeping (for a looong time and never get tired of doing it) and wondering what the future holds for him

* Sneaking into his room to check on him, just to find out the second you step into the room he turn his face around and bright eyes looking straight at you - and cry for attention

* Watching him stop crying when he sees you

* When you cuddle him, he nestles on your shoulder and snugs in the crease of your neck

* When he falls into a deep sleep in your arms

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