Monday, August 27, 2007

Suburban CEO

Are you...

Staying home with kids but thinking about going back to work to save your sanity?
Feeling self-conscious when talking to friends who have careers?
Tired of going to lackluster, boring playgroups just to pass the time?

This site is for you!

Hmm.. I haven't really had time to read it but someone recommended this website to read:

It says... This site is for every woman who wants to stay at home with her children but has had to reluctantly admit that she often feels frazzled, overwhelmed and not totally fulfilled. This site will help you identify the five missing pieces from modern life as an at-home mom and become CEO of your own life. By doing this you'll be able to:
Make staying at home with kids as intellectually challenging (and far more rewarding) than any career.
Build a better social network than any of your working friends.
Take your house from quiet isolation to being a thriving hub of activity.
Set aside your resume: "having it all" does not necessarily mean having a job!

Hmm... might be interesting!!! I'll post more once I have time to gulp down the content -although please please don't assume that I am not enjoying being a stay at home mum.

On the Bradleys' news front, we had a busy week. Scott had been swamped with work - always always busy these days. Weekends are not good for relaxing either since we've been busy doing a lot of house inspections with a view to buy. Not very good prospect though, you can be sure that if we like something that we see, we won't be able to afford it. I know beggars can't be choosers but boy we're soo picky!! If only extra $$$$ can fall from the sky!!

Grandma came over from Orange for the weekend. Of course our little boy was a monster the whole time Grandma was here, and turned back to angel when she left. Lucky for us that she's biased hehe.. As always, Oliver doesn't know the concept of strangers. No stranger anxiety when meeting Grandma although last time he saw him he was only 2 weeks old - if someone decided to kidnap him, there wouldn't be any need to lure him with anything (touch wood). Mummy enjoyed having moments where she could hand Oli over to Gran for a few days.

The weather in Melbourne has been soo gorgeous - it is suprisingly 25 degrees today. I decided to take the little monster for his little excursion to the beach. He couldn't care less though *grin*, fell asleep all the way in the stroller.When he woke up and I put him on my lap but he was more interested in looking at his toes than the ocean and when I stood him up on the sand he was just as ignorant. This is really the case of a parent that is ready to show the world to the baby, only to be put off.

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