Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Olivers twist

*My sitemeter reports every week show that quite a few people visited my blog every week. Which is intriging , given that I have not updated it as often as I should -the visits might have been more random than not. Anyway so I thought I should make more effort, so well, I hope I keep it up :D*

Had yumcha this morning and saw this very tiny baby in her capsule and thought about the first time we took Oliver to yumcha. He was only 4 weeks old and we put him in his capsule on the floor in the corner of the room. I remember thinking that I had conscience about putting him on the floor . Now I sometimes wish that he was that young again and we could just put him in the capsule and we could enjoy our meals!!

Oliver knocks on the door when he wants to get in now. He also waves bye bye, points at planes flying in the sky, plays car toys like a big boy (pushing it along the floor and making the brrrr brrrr noise), BUT he also started to throw tantrums, throwing everything off the table (not good when this involves food), not wanting to sit still in his stroller, throwing things away (have I mentioned this??) and waiting for me to pick it up so he can throw it away again, and if I refuse to do it he would try to jump off wherever he is in, either it was the high chair or his stroller..

How I wish they come with a manual! The thing about being informed (as you do nowadays with the abundance of imformations) is that the more you know, the more paranoid you are about something.
Last saturday we had dinner at Scott's colleague's place. They have 2 kids - the eldest one, three and a half years old, apparently suffers food intolerance. 1 in 4 children in Australia apparently has food intolerance in some degree but the only way to find this out is by elimination diet - which is a bit tricky and require a lot of commitment (as if you haven't got enough on your hands!). Predictably, we went home convinced that Oliver must have had some kind of food intolerance.

Enough about Oliver.

Started my graphic design course this week and guess what - not only I was the only girl in the group of 5, but I was also the oldest by far (one of them is still on year 11!)! Our first module is drawing, and when the tutor asked if anyone liked to draw, there were only 4 who raised hands. Guess who didn't!
So far so good though, even though I have to say we are only on the stage of drawing perspective - not sure what's going to happen when we start drawing objects & humans.

That's it for now. I've got some hilarious videos of Oliver to be posted so keep watching this space!!

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