Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baking with Mama

Now that I have got my replacement camera and finally my new laptop, you'd think I would update my blog and website more regularly, right? Wroooong.. as i am too busy to be a mother of a toddler who (officially) toddles like a teletubby now (and needs 24-7 supervision) and also too busy playing around with my new toys.

My husband gave me the 'bla bla bla' last night and I told him there wasn't any point to update them anymore since no one really looking and he said no one really looks because it has been rarely updated. Yeah right.. which comes first, chicken or eggs?? Hehehe..
Anyway..  Am working on the website updates. Will let you know when it's done. 

1 comment:

Pangeran Panda said...

kurang foto after match nya tuh :P ..