Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday my Lollipop!

I really forgot to mention this in earlier, but Oliver turned two last Friday! We were going to go to the zoo for his birthday but we rescheduled this until next month when grandma comes and visits us in Easter (my hubby's mum always comes during Easter holiday from New South Wales to see Oliver. We did opened some presents for him on his birthday though (lots of books, animal toys, cars, and things that are very noisy!), and went to visit Scott's bestfriend Wodonga (4 hours drive from Melbourne) for the weekend. The boy is a bit oblivious about his special day though :P. Oliver and I tried to bake some cupcakes prior the weekend but it didn't really work *sigh* I am sooo bad in the kitchen!

baking session

Anyway I took the cupcakes to Wodonga, and Antoinette, the hostess whipped her kitchen equipments and put the icing and decorated our cupcakes single handedly within ten minutes (another hand was used to carry her 6 months old - but I should also mention she has 2 older boys). Don't ask me how she does that.

PS. We drove through a lot of areas affected by fire on the way there and back. Gives me goosebumps seeing those ruins :( Very sad.

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petit said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver!