Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mooloolaba blast

We just had a nice holiday in Queensland. Two weeks in the sun. And beach. And water.
Oliver got cold and had snotty nose all the time (still do) but doesn't seem to bother him. He & dad spent a lot of time in the surf, also playing with the sand (and eating it). Mama & Dad got to have great coffee at the cafes within walking distance from the apartment, and went out a few nights while letting Oliver fall asleep in his stroller. Poppy & Nanny even came and visited for a night and we had very nice meals at the restaurant in the marina - best calamari I have ever tasted. Judith & David, our friends from NZ who now live in Qld also came and visited for a night. Had a very delicious Tibetan dish for dinner.
The apartment Scott rented at Mooloolaba is on the 7th floor, overlooking water everywhere. It is so closed to the water that I had trouble sleeping the first few nights because the surf was so noisy (Hehe.. you think it's funny but the surf was very rough those nights it felt like tsunami blazing from the window and louder it was because our bed was facing the ocean and we slept with the window open). On the third day I nagged Scott to find me a chemist so I could buy earplugs :P -- I didn't use them though, I swear! Not to mention that Qld refused day light saving which means sun is up at 4.30am and they use the skimpiest materials for the blinds & curtains that they don't even block any light. What's the point, guys!!

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