Saturday, January 24, 2009

...and we're back!!

After about ehmm six months of a little glitch, we're back in business (meaning I am back in doing the blog!)

I am blaming it to, of course, motherhood and a growing toddler and growing needs (and growing tantrums I should add).

Over the past year I've finished my graphic design course and proudly started my own business. After months of works in designing the website, it's gone online 'officially' early this month on

Lollipop Baby label offers baby t-shirts and onesies with quirky and personalised designs. As I was telling people I'd like to think of my designs as 'sweet and colourful' as lollipops yet funny and quirky as our babies can be from time to time.
I was having so much fun designing these designs and hoping everyone else woud find them exciting too! *finger crossed*.

As with Oliver, he is growing like a speedy bullet. He's a delight with his cheeky attitude and antiques, and there isn't any dull moment with him. Here's a sneak preview!

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