Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In or out?

It's very hot in Melbourne today (and for the rest of the week -- 40 degrees days are coming!). We stayed home all day mainly because the air conditioner in my car is not working -- I just couldn't do that to Oliver. Whenever we went out in hot days he always came home sweating his face off sitting in the back seat.

I exhausted all my parenting skills and creativity by the time my husband got home. Funny enough. I remember reading something somewhere only last week about there are two types of parents. One who likes to go out with their children because they think it's a hard work to keep them amused for the whole 10 hours their children up, and one who likes to stay home - and happy to stay home and keep their children busy at home.

I never really thought about it but I think I must be fallen in the first category. Before Oliver was born, I used to get bored all the time if I have to stay home. I love going out. I love seeing things. Even if I ended up just going to the mall to kill time.

Then Oliver came along. And it is so much easier to stay home sometimes. Not having to worry about what snacks to bring, or try to work around his mealtimes and naptimes. Nor have to worry about keep him well behave and not running off the street when we are going for a walk or pulling things on the shelves at the shops.

But the problem with that is, off course, trying to keep him happy and content for the whole day. I found that if I stayed home all day, I started ignoring him by doing my work at the computer. Having only set up my online business, I spend so much time in front of the computer - I always try to steal some time to work when he's up, although he doesn't always let me.

So that's why we go out. When we are at the park or at the music class or any other activities, I am all his. No distraction. No computer (I can't really work with him around anyway), no dishes to wash, no clothes to dry (yay! I like this arangement *cheeky smile*)

And he is happy. And I am happy too because I don't steal my time with him. And he'd go to sleep happily. And then I can sit here and work on my computer. Or facebooking. Or blogging for that matter.

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O at the park

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