Friday, February 27, 2009

25 (random) things about me

25 Things
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1. My real name is not Linda. Holly molly such an ice-breaker! Well it's not like that. My name is Maria Yulinda but I always go by with Linda - since the day I was born. That is what my parents have been calling me all of my life. Though it's not always easy explaining it to people - and sometimes I just can't be bother. In fact I let my now-husband-then-fellow student called me Maria until we started dating.

2. I think I spent too much time studying. I did degrees in International Relations, Marketing and International Business -- only last year I decided that what I really really wanted was to be a graphic designer, so I did another course. Yet when I finished I ended up setting up my own business in baby online shop, specialising in baby t-shirts & onesies with quirky & personalised designs. I do all the designs though. Check it out on (shameless advertising!)

3. My favourite actor is Audrey Hepburn and my favourite movie is My Fair Lady.

4. KFC is my comfort food.

5. I get bored easily. And I am getting a bit bored now....

6. Okay. Focus. I can't hold a tune at all, but my son is the best singer. He started humming twinkle twinkle little star since he was 12 months old. He still can't pull a string of sentence at the age of 23 months but he sings a lot. He opens his mouth the minute he opens his eyes in the morning and closes it when he closes his eyes at night but this note is about me, not about him so -- moving along..

7. I can say "I am sorry, I don't speak (Italian/English/Japanese/Chinese/French/Hebrew) language' in those languages. I said it to an Italian in Rome one night when I was backpacking in Europe, unfortunately he went on and on after that (and no single word was understood by me, since I didn't speak Italian, of course).

8. The most drunk I have been was on New Year's eve 2001. I was in Madrid, at a party of my Spanish friends' friend which I didn't know, passed out on a lounge next to a spew. I have never been drunk like that again in my life. Although it was still the best holiday in my life!

9. I would love to sky-dive and I have been nagging my husband to pay it for me for my birthday/christmas present. He said he'd give me one when he doesn't love me anymore.

10. My current ringtone is 'all the single ladies if you like it you should've put a ring on it o-o-o'

11. When I was quite young I climbed a tree and couldn't come back down.

12. When I was a girl, my hair was so long it reached my waist. I had it cut to bob when I was 13 years old.

13. I taught myself how to create a website -- check it out on (shameless advertising #2)

14. I won the 'social butterfly' award in college.

15. I had my first crush when I was 6 years old.

16. I love my beauty sleep. I still need 9-10 hours sleep every night - doesn't mean I get it these days.

17. I am a coffee snob. My husband and I-- that is. We'd go to a cafe and the coffee has to have a right temperature, right density of milk and right amount of foam. Sounds bad but it's just like someone who doesn't like japanese food or korean food, we just don't like bad coffee.

18. Shamelessly, even though I am a coffee snob, I admit that I can't cook. My secret ingredients are the ready-made-sauces you can get at the supermarket.

19. I used to exercise regularly, at least twice a week.I hadn't really been into it since I was pregnant, but now I am getting back to doing bikram yoga and hoping that it will continue.

20. I love what I am doing but working from home makes me feel lonely sometimes.

21. The first concert I have been to was Jason Donovan. Eeks!

22. My parents live in Indonesia, two of my siblings live in Indonesia, I live in Melbourne, my other brother lives in Sydney and another one lives in Japan. We also have become quite a multicultural family.

23. Is it only 23? Aren't we there yet?

24. I thought Prince William was gorgeous, until he turned 20 and started to look like his father.

25. I have been enjoying wasting my time on this. I love procrastinating!

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