Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Oliver and I must have gotten up on the wrong side of bed today . It's one of those day when I just want to stay curl up in my bed instead of running after Oliver trying to 1) change nappy 2) put clean t-shirt on 3)put his shoes on etc etc.

He just got very quirky behaviours, that boy is! For one, now if we are going out, he gets very very worked out about it and runs around the house when I try to do all the above. He loves to go out and my theory why he runs around the house naked (and big loud whinge comes with that activity) is that he just can't wait to go out. And the more I chase him the more whinge comes out because obviously, instead of opening the door and step out the house, mum is wasting time by chasing me around!!!

These days he tires me more. His energy just makes me feel so tired. And so old.

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