Thursday, July 27, 2006

Week 6 - Symptom anyone?

"How about Steve?"
"or Shirley if it's a girl"

It was passed midnight, and I was half asleep already but he made me giggle.

"I haven't heard anyone called their children Steve or Shirley lately."

It's only our week 6 and he already is thinking about names?

Well, I haven't even got any symptoms at all. It's either I am not pregnant at all or I wasn't pregnant anymore.
I am not complaining about not having the morning sickness and the tiredness but I am worried, you know. How come I don't feel tired when my body, that when it's resting supposedly works harder than a non-pregnant person doing mountain climb?(aparently during the early weeks of pregnancy, the body is working hard - pumping out hormones and producing more blood to carry nutrients to the baby)

Now, it's normal to be worried. Everyone is worried when they are pregnant, especially when it is your first one. You just want everything to go well. But honestly, I am sure there isn't other mother-to-be as neurotic as me - given I am neurotic by nature, even before I got pregnant. I am worried about practically everything!

And what about food? I don't think us pregnant people are allowed to eat anything, Like today I just found out that green tea is actually not good for the cell growth - when I have stopped drinking normal tea and start drinking green tea because I thought it would be healthier. And breakfast? I don't normally have breakfast in the morning but since I found out I was pregnant I started to eat muesli and yoghurt (you know, good combination of protein and calcium) and found out that there were track of nuts in the muesli, which is should be avoided so baby don't get peanut allergy.

We went to the bookshop in the weekend to get the book "What to expect when you're expecting" and as Scott lined up at the cashier, a man behind him said to him: "I think the answer (to what to expect when you are expecting) is TROUBLE". And as it was not enough, he launched a speech about no baby was perfect, asking if this would be Scott's first, and that he didn't know what he's getting himself into (eeer..... just leave us alone, will you!)

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