Friday, July 07, 2006

Week 5 - the thin pink line

We're pregnant.

I knew it even before we took the test, before the second think pink line appeared in the result window. I knew it even a week ago, before my period was late, when we were back home for holiday, when my family and friends (and nosy people) were asking us about when we were going to have baby. Even at Rianti's wedding when Sally my best friend remind me that I told her that I might be pregnant for the wedding.

(We've been married for 3 years, you see. So people have been wondering which one of us was barren. The thing is, even when we decided to start trying for a baby 3 months ago, I was not even convinced that we're ready. Scott also thought we should wait a few more months. I had so much stress at work and I hated my job so bad so I thought this is the time to change priority and we should try for a baby . Whereas Scott wanted me to be happy first before we start a family and he didn't want me to use this excitement to have baby as a way out from my (work) misery - so there were nights at the beginning when we had a fight because I refused to take my pills, and Scott insisted that I had to.)

This week has been full-on, big week. Not only I came home from holiday on my own 2 nights ago (Scott were staying in Australia for a couple of more days to work), only to find out that the house has been burglared (!!!Bloody Maoris, apologies for being racist but the police reckoned that who did it!!!), but my pregnancy was also confirmed.

As I took the test in the morning after the burglary, the second pink line didn't even look shy when it appeared. Brave and strong. I wasn't even surprised. It's good to be confirmed though. I took the result to Scott, who was still half asleep in bed and asked if he was awake.
I handed my result to him.

At night before I went to bed, I felt strangely attached to the person that has only been confirmed a few hours prior - and wondering how it is possible.

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