Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Week 32 - One contraction at a time (third trimester panic)

My body:
* Heartburn recovery - well, it is not fully recovered but the other night I was in constant pain all night with the burning sensation on my throat, only too realised that it might have been from the chili I had eaten earlier. From that night forward I HAVE not touch chili and poor hubby has to cope with my bland cooking - the less taste the better it is for my tummy.
* Is it just me or is it getting crowded here? Oh of course, there is a little junior growing in my tummy! Apart from frequent trips to the loo in the middle of the night ( I must have gone two hundred times last night , or so it felt like), the stuffiness (after big meal or some activities even like walking) keeps lingering. This has slowed me down a lot, since whenever I am out and about I always wish I was home half an hour later.

My baby:
Baby sleeps a lot of the time. He will gain weight more quickly now and will probably double in weight between now and his birth, fattening up for survival outside the womb. His skin is getting plumper and looking healthier.

Never, never did I imagine in my life that I'd enjoy a bowl of cereal with milk (I have always hated milk) - in the middle of the night!
The hunger attack is striking back. I've officially passed the 10kg mark (oh - my - god - !) and still have around 8 more weeks to gain. The book said I will gain about half a kilo a week now but roughly half of that goes straight into baby (mm.. what about the other half?)

I've read the whole chapter on 'labour and birth' in the book. The only thing it did was making me cringe. Honestly, as a rookie I was expecting the book to tell me what to do in the labour, for example how to 'push'. Apparently this should come naturally, but how do you push exactly? Birgit told me nothing can prepare anyone from the labour pain, so I have decided that my approach on this whole birthing business will be: donotpanicdonotpanicdonotpanic (I just have to repeat this mantra over and over again from now on). It's better than the book's approach: one contraction at a time. Rrrr.. that supposed to be reassuring?
The chapter on breastfeeding and what to do as soon as baby arrives is as clear (not!) as the labour part, but for this one I will learn from their labour's approach and adopt it for my own situation: just worry one breast at a time.

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