Friday, January 19, 2007

Week 33 - Last few weeks as a couple

My body:
* I think I am experiencing variety of aches and pains in my lower ribs and pelvis, pretty much all over the tummy. They are very mild, cramp-like, but I can imagine this is common as baby is growing bigger. Another 7 weeks to go (although my feeling says that he's going to come out early), another 7 weeks to grow!

He measures around 40cm long and weighs just over 2.3 kg. Quite adept at inhaling amniotic fluid, which is a practice breathing to get ready for his birth. He continues to put down layers of fat that will keep him warm after birth.

Nursery in the making...
yesterday we had nothing. Today we had a cot (although still not being delivered), baby bath, baby rocker, some clothes, baby monitor, nappy wrapper and bottle sterilizer. I am quite happy with our progress yet still unable to decorate the nursery due to the cot arrival yet. I am thinking to decorate his room with the untraditional colour but hate to say that I might end up doing blue since it's the only thing that most of the shop provide for baby boys. What's happening here? What's with the stereotype - blue for boys and pink for girls?

Had a doctor's appointment which was uneventful - happy to say it.

Had a dentist's appointment which was as uneventful - also happy to say it. My gum stop bleeding ages ago, just after I made the appointment with the dentist so he didn't do anything today, except telling me to come back after baby is born.

As hubby said, my life is on hold until baby is born. Can't do anything until he's born - i's getting a bit boring to stay home though, especially with Scott busy with work. He was in Sydney for 3 days this week (where he climbed the Harbour Bridge with work - so unfair, I am the one who always wanted to do it and he got to do it for free!) and on Friday he spent all day and dinner and everything with his customers at the Australian Tennis Open.

We had our first prenatal class in the hospital on Saturday - the first of our two weekend classes. There were about 8 to 10 couples in the class (all mixed couples no same sex ones) and we went through the process of labour, drugs options, what to expect etc etc. Needless to say I was ready to go home before two hours had passed. At least we didn't watch any labour video, that would be the last thing I want to see a few weeks before I have to deliver baby myself!

We are enjoying our last few weeks as a couple. We go out see movies, eat junkfood and sleep in. Can't believe we're running out of time.

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