Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week 34 - Long way around

My body:
* Sweet tooth, with me feeling like having milkshake or cheesecakes all the times - or maybe it's actually my body craving for calcium?
* My tummy is sooo heavy that I wish I could put it down for a few minutes! Scott's father asked if I had to carry my bump when I walk around - which indeed i do, put my both hands under my bump.I already hate being on my feet and walk about. I love sitting in my lounge, reading books and just doing nothing - lounge is once again my sanctuary (I have a slight preference to lay down on the old lounge which isn't very comfortable but accommodate my need to sit up straight)

My baby:
he's moving a lot and I can see my tummy changing shape from minute to minute. Sometimes he gets into a position that is uncomfortable and I can't get it to move. He is still piling up fat as he prepares himself to get out into this world!

"Let's try your fastest pace."
"Excuse me?" Sharon and I was walking down Brighton shops when she said that.
"Rrrr.. you're walking very slow", she said. I thought for a while and decided that this was - as matter of fact - the most comfortable pace that I can do at the moment. Her eyes rolled in disbelief.
"Really" - and I thought about what my 6-feet-tall husband thinks when he walks with me if even Sharon thinks I walk very slow.

Now from last week's antenatal class that I forgot to mention - the hospital that we are going to have the labour follows active labour approach. Which means that you need to keep active during contractions to allow the pressure of gravity to play a part in the opening of the cervix. Also in upright positions such as standing, kneeling, squatting, or on hands and knees, the women's body leans forward and the pelvic bones are free to open to their maximum (apparently squatting can increase the pelvic diameter by up to 30%).
Another thing is that when a woman lies on her back, the weight of the heavy baby on the blood vessels can slow down the flow of blood to and from the uterus and this reduces the oxygen available to the baby and can lead the baby becoming distressed. The uterus may not work as efficiently as possible and this may cause more pain.

Rrr.. We just have to wait and see if I can kneel down and pointing my ***** to the doctor/midwives in the labour.

Enough with the gross stuff. Hopefully we'll get the cot this week. Had some problems with the payment last week but it has been sorted out now. I have promised myself that I wouldn't do any impulsive buying for the nursery, but all the things out there are just too cute to ignore. I haven't really stuck with this promise and already bought some useless things (and still owing some essential stuff)

Long weekend this weekend - Australia day. We had a day trip to Geelong (Great Ocean Road) to get more mileage on the car but traffic was horrendous with people going up to the waterfront. There's a big Australia day celebration in Geelong which caused the traffic and roads blocked and we moved like snail parade. Not good when you're almost 8 months pregnant and got sore back even by sitting in the car for less than ten minutes.

Had dinner at Sharon's on the Saturday - Warren cooked beautifully as usual. We ended up talking about labour and birth and all the things that I really really wish can be avoided in the conversations (but the ones that I keep bringing up due to the freaking out nature of mine) and Sharon said, "if the baby's so small how come your tummy is so big?" grrrrrrh.....

Still no maternity hospital bag ready yet *grin*. Will organise it this week - that's a promise.

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